City Increases Transparency Through New Website

Staff Report From Savannah CEO

Friday, July 28th, 2017

The City of Savannah has just launched a new capital improvement projects website which highlights more than 300 projects across the City. The name of the website is Savannah Under Construction.

Savannah Under Construction provides residents with regular updates on the current statuses of capital improvement projects. A CIP is a project that maintains or improves City infrastructure or facilities, including park improvements, street repairs, sidewalk installation, drainage projects, building construction and renovation, and much more.

The site can be accessed at

City Manager Rob Hernandez said, “I’m excited about this new website. This is about transparency and accountability. The Mayor, Council and City staff, we all want our City of Savannah residents to be able to access information about projects that matter to them, projects in their neighborhoods. This is also an opportunity for us to showcase all the projects that are underway that are moving Savannah forward.”

The Savannah Under Construction website allows users to search for a specific project, type of project, location and aldermanic district. Users can learn about:

• Scope of work

• Summary of financial data, including funding source

• Project manager and contact information

• Project status

• Estimated year of completion

The new website was a collaborative effort between the City’s information technology and budget office employees. Management Services Coordinator Daphanie Williams is the project manager for Savannah Under Construction. “There is so much valuable information embedded in this site. Savannah Under Construction is interactive, user-friendly and it is a great tool taxpayers can use to stay informed and see how their tax dollars are being spent,” Williams said.