Emily McCarthy & Co. Release New Product Line Featuring Original Savannah Crest, Other Cities to Come

Staff Report From Savannah CEO

Monday, July 30th, 2018

Emily McCarthy & Co. recently unveiled their newest product line - a classic, original Savannah crest called The Savannah Collection. This is the first city crest produced by the company, and they plan to announce other city crests in the near future.

The Savannah Collection crest blends together some of the historic city’s most memorable features into one work of art. Forsyth Park, Spanish Moss, Palm Fronds, Oak Trees, gates from a downtown historic home, oysters, and the year the city was established are all found inside the crest. If you look closely, a hidden nod of shamrocks can also be found to commemorate the city’s biggest event of the year St. Patrick’s Day, and McCarthy’s strong Irish family lineage.

“Savannah is the most beautiful city in the world and deserves a crest that is both timeless and progressive...exactly what our city is, “ says McCarthy. “Whether you have lived here in Savannah all your life or you are just visiting for the weekend, Savannah makes a warm imprint on your heart. We have had so many requests for a city keepsake so this was a joy to create. We hope our crest will honor our city and it’s amazing residents.”