SCA Announces Outstanding 2018 CCRPI Scores

Staff Report From Savannah CEO

Monday, November 12th, 2018

Savannah Classical Academy reports outstanding results in the 2018 College and Career Ready Performance Index scores released earlier this week by The Georgia Department of Education. SCA significantly outperformed both the District and State in these respected progress measurement tools.

SCA achieved an overall score of 80.6 compared to a state average of 76.6 and a Savannah-Chatham County Public Schools average of 71.9.  The news for this charter school’s Middle School is even better as SCA ranked first compared to all other Middle Schools in the district with a score of 82.3.  SCA’s Elementary School also performed well with a score of 79.8, ranking fifth among the 34 SCCPSS Elementary schools in the district.  SCA exceeded or equaled the district in three quarters (9 of the 12) measures evaluated

The Georgia Department of Education spent two years gathering input from the public and working with a committee of educators and other stakeholders to redesign the CCRPI. Parents, educators, members of the business community, and others said they wanted a CCRPI that reflected the opportunities schools offered students – from fine arts to career education – rather than a focus strictly on standardized test scores. As part of Georgia’s state plan for the Every Student Succeeds Act  – the replacement for No Child Left Behind – the state was able to make improvements to the CCRPI calculation. The 2018 CCRPI is the first to use the new calculation.

Mr. Barry Lollis, Interim Director of SCA, commenting on these results, said “As a charter school we are able to select our own resources for instructional support and staff development based on the specific needs of our school and students rather than having to take a ‘one size fits all’ approach.  As we are able to have autonomous support and resources, our students’ academic progress and success with closing educational gaps for the 2018 school year greatly exceeded the local district and the state performance on these same measures.”

"We are delighted to see such great results which build on the good news earlier this academic year of significant improvements in our milestone data and a very positive GKIDS assessment.  It is clear that SCA offers our students a quality education provided by dedicated teachers,” said Board of Directors Chairman Scott McGhie. “The Board appreciates the leadership of Barry Lollis and is excited to see what the future holds as SCA fulfills its mission and develops into an outstanding K-12 charter school.”

SCA, which is open to all students residing in Chatham County, is funded by the public education system but retains a charter that allows it to operate autonomously under a board of parents and community members. SCA will be serving Kindergarten to Grade 11 for the 2018-2019 school year and is expanding every year to develop into a K-12 school.