Memorial Health Limits Entrances & Screening Visitors to Protect Against COVID-19 Coronavirus

Staff Report From Savannah CEO

Friday, March 6th, 2020

Memorial Health has not received any patients who have tested positive for the new coronavirus, COVID-19.

“We are grateful that we have not experienced impact locally of this new coronavirus, COVID-19. Our goal is to take every precaution to keep our patients, our caregivers and our community safe by avoiding any spread of this virus should it come into our community,” said Memorial Health CEO Shayne George.

To protect our patients, guests and caregivers, effective tomorrow, the hospital will be limiting public entrances to only:

ER (24/7)

Sunday – Saturday

Heart & Vascular Institute (5am – 8pm)

Main Entrance of the Hospital (6am – 9pm)

Monday – Friday

Day Surgery (4am – 4pm)

Outpatient Services at Building 100 (5am – 6pm)

Pre-Surgery Testing (7am – 4pm)

Anderson Cancer Institute (7:30am – 5pm)

When visitors or patients arrive on campus, they should utilize those entrances. Greeters will be screening at those entrances with a list of basic questions to help ensure that individuals who might spread the virus get the care they need while not exposing patients, staff and other guests.

In addition, we will be limiting visitors in order to minimize risk for patients and guests. We would ask that you not visit if you:

Have a fever

Have a cough or shortness of breath and have traveled outside the US in the past 14 days

Have had direct contact with someone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19

“For many people, COVID-19 will present very similarly to the flu and they will recover safely at home with rest and fluids,” said Dr. Stephen Thacker, Associate Chief Medical Officer and Pediatric Infectious Disease Physician. “Those at highest risk are the elderly and immunosuppressed. The best protection right now is hand washing, covering your cough and avoiding large groups of people.”