Profile by Sanford Savannah Partners with P.A.C.K. Savannah

Staff Report From Savannah CEO

Thursday, March 26th, 2020

Due to the pandemic of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and the closing of all public schools in Savannah, there is an increased demand for food for children in-need in our community. During this challenging time, People of Action Caring for Kids (P.A.C.K.), a local nonprofit organization, is fulfilling its mission by making sure kids and families still have food on the table.

In a typical month, P.A.C.K. gives out about 10,000 bags to children in about 33 different schools and community centers. The charity is now expecting the demand to double or triple in the upcoming weeks as more families and children are at home with no food in their fridge or pantry. Due to this increase in demand, P.A.C.K. is asking for the community’s support through food donations such as individually packed snack items and convenient meals for kids. 

One local business, Profile by Sanford Savannah, has stepped up to the plate to support P.A.C.K. during this time and beyond. Profile by Sanford is a personalized nutrition program developed by top scientists, researchers and physicians that offers members one-on-one weight loss coaching and customized meal plans. Proper nutrition is the driving force behind Profile by Sanford’s coaching and mission so this is an ideal partnership.

Missy Jones, owner of Profile by Sanford Savannah, and her family have supported P.A.C.K. through volunteering. To increase the impact of this support, Profile is now encouraging its members to assist P.A.C.K. With immediate effect, new members joining Profile will be invited to make a donation at the time of joining or for a monthly commitment. Once the shelter-at-home order is lifted in Savannah, Profile will collect donations of food within Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines from members to donate to P.A.C.K. Especially in times like these, Profile is encouraging members and the community to donate much-needed food and monetary donations to the charity as supplies are running low as demand increases daily. Profile by Sanford will continue this charitable partnership with P.A.C.K. as an opportunity for the business and its members to give back to the local community.

“As people are on their journey towards better nutrition and a healthier lifestyle with Profile, we also want them to think about helping those that are less fortunate than us have the proper nutrition that they need,” said Profile by Sanford owner Missy Jones. “In order to help these children grow and prosper, they need adequate nutrition and P.A.C.K. provides that and is an essential support system for these children’s well-being.”

To donate food to P.A.C.K., items can be left in the collection units outside of their warehouse at 4 Mall Terrace in Savannah. 

P.A.C.K. began as one family’s mission to teach their children to serve others. An idea that started with 50 bags of food each month and one family, has grown to a group of hundreds of families, churches, businesses, and community volunteers who pack and distribute 10,000 bags of food to local school children each month. Other projects include a supplying a foster care closet at DFCS to ease the transition to foster care, providing more than 1,500 bags of microwavable meals and busy bags to Cure for Childhood Cancer and Ronald McDonald House, giving toiletry bags to children at Performance Initiatives and other community centers, and supporting local schools by encouraging teachers and delivering school supplies, book fair vouchers, and reading volunteers.

Profile offers nutrition, activity, and lifestyle coaching. They help members lose weight and learn to maintain their weight loss by using a combination of Profile foods and grocery foods. Profile by Sanford is backed by Sanford Health and protocols are created by physicians and researchers at this large health system.