Georgia Southern's RiteCare Center Receives $10K Donation from Savannah Scottish Rite Masons

Staff Report From Savannah CEO

Friday, April 17th, 2020

The RiteCare Center on Georgia Southern University’s Armstrong Campus has received $10,000 from the Savannah Scottish Rite masons, a gift that will help fund the learning experience of students and support the success of speech therapy clients.

The RiteCare Center is a teaching communication disorders center for students in the graduate Communication Sciences and Disorders (CSD) program. Under the supervision of experienced licensed and certified speech-language pathologists, graduate students in the CSD program provide low-cost services for children and adults with communication delays or disorders.

“The gift provided by the Scottish Rite allows for the continuation of much-needed community support for those impacted by speech and language difficulties,” said Tory Candea, coordinator for the RiteCare Center. “The donation directly impacts the lives of students and clients the RiteCare Center for Communication Disorder serves. The donation provides much-needed equipment, materials and scholarships, which allows those who cannot afford therapy to receive it.”

With the donations made by the Savannah Scottish Rite Masons, the RiteCare Center is able to obtain the resources to grow well-rounded, speech-language pathologists that ultimately foster communicative growth and development in the clients the center serves.

For more than a decade, the Valley of the Scottish Rite Masons has generously supported Georgia Southern's RiteCare Center on the Armstrong Campus. Each year, the Valley of Savannah Scottish Rite Masons host two fundraisers, the Scottish Rite Golf Tournament and the Walk for RiteCare, for the RiteCare Center.