Bryan County Emergency Services Celebrates Recruit Graduation During Firefighters’ Ball

Staff Report From Savannah CEO

Wednesday, May 27th, 2020

Before the spread of COVID-19 required the postponement of social gatherings, Bryan County Emergency Services (BCES) hosted its fifth Annual Firefighters’ Ball a few months ago. The event is an opportunity for the station to come together as a family in a relaxing environment and reflect on another successful year. During the ball at Belhaven, the BCES team and their guests celebrated another year of great growth, opportunity, and achievement.

Throughout 2019, BCES felt the support of county residents and felt lucky to be surrounded by such an uplifting community. BCES is looking forward to serving their neighboring partners, families, and citizens throughout 2020.

“At BCES, we consider everyone here a part of our family,” Chief Freddy Howell said. “We couldn’t do what we do without every single member of this team, I couldn’t be any prouder of everything BCES accomplished over last year.”

This year’s ball was particularly special for BCES as its first Recruit Graduation Ceremony was included in the festivities. Howell, Deputy Chief Mike Dick, and Training Chief Shannon Bancroft were proud to tout the achievements and announce the successful graduation of 13 BCES firefighter recruits.

The 2019-20 BCES firefighter recruit graduates are: Shakier Smith, Amy Rountree, Brandon Reider, William Pitts, Justin Maxwell, Frank Koualczuk, Kaitlyn Jackson, Hunter Johnson, Edward Dennis, Maylee Tucker, Dailon Bacon, Erin Baker and Lorna Huot. The BCES team is thrilled to add these hard-working and dedicated individuals to the family.

The BCES team also presented awards and honors to many of its employees at this year’s Firefighter’s Ball. Employee of the Year for 2019 is Cody Croft. Officer of the Year is Christopher Sean Curry. Zachary Iser was named Firefighter of the Year, and the Chief’s Choice Award was presented to Ben Pape. The Outstanding Service Award went to Jerome Bacon, and the Commitment to Service Award was given to Justin Langley.

“All our employees at BCES deserve awards,” Deputy Chief Dick said. “BCES’s success is thanks to all our amazing team members."

Community awards were also given at the Firefighter’s Ball. Robert Jordan was named South Bryan County’s Volunteer of the Year is and Lebeth Stillwell took the honor for North Bryan County. Patricia Philips was honored for 20 years of service. BCES instructor awards were presented to Ben Pape, Sarah Bradbury, and Christopher “Sean” Curry.