Legislation Moving That You May Have Missed

Phil Kent

Friday, March 5th, 2021

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Improving the educational experience for Georgia’s high school students is an issue in every General Assembly. In the past few years, the needs of home schooled students and parents have also been added to the agenda. One example this year is Senate passage of The Dexter Mosley Act.” It would allow homeschooled students in grades 6-12 to participate in extracurricular activities. 

We know that sports, music and drama clubs all contribute to a well-rounded student and I am happy to support the ability for all students to participate in these programs,” says state Sem. Steve Gooch, R-Dahlonega. 

On another educational front, Senate Bill 159 passed which would permit using vehicles other than school buses to transport students to and from school-related activities. Proponents say this would really help local school systems that until now have been using only school buses to transport students. 

Also note these two bills the state Senate also passed in recent days: 

  • Senate Bill 28 would help improve the foster care system through multiple provisions. Some of these provisions include improving mandatory reporting of child abuse, adjusting training requirements for juvenile court intake officers and allowing the use of hearsay evidence in court cases regarding the foster care system. 

  • The “Max Gruver Act is Senate Bill 85. It’s named in honor of a young Roswell man who was killed due to a hazing incident after a night of heavy drinking with college students. SB 85 would revise the definition of hazing and make the hazing of minors a felony in addition to punishing those who fail to respond to reported incidents. 

Of particular note is that Monday, March 8th, is Crossover Day. By this day, a bill must be passed out of its legislative chamber of origin. Then it can “cross over” to the other chamber to be considered. If it hasn’t been voted on in its chamber of origin, it will die. 

March 31st is scheduled for the General Assembly’s Sine Dine adjournment.